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Empowering Village Life in Transylvania

Connecting, caring, and sharing with people in Transylvania

Voices of Kaláka

Watch on YouTube

More than 25 years after the fall of communism, villagers in Transylvania today rely on the volunteer tradition of kaláka to rebuild and sustain their communities. If you’re wondering: “what’s a kaláka?” take a minute to watch our video: Voices of Kaláka: Strengthening Communities in Transylvania.

More About Unitarian Kaláka


Success Stories

In 2018, Unitarian Kaláka conducted its final fundraising initiative, a successful Faithify campaign that benefited community projects in three Transylvanian communities. In 2019, on a visit to Transylvania, we saw the positive impact these kaláka projects have made over the years, and while we are no longer raising funds, the connections remain strong.





Why Transylvania?


The thread that began centuries ago still ties us to Transylvania. We share a passion for tradition, sustainability, and religious tolerance. We share a belief in the power of kaláka–working together to create change. And many of us share a faith history with Unitarians who live in these villages today.